Real-world skills and experience

A qualification from the Graduate School is not just a mark of academic quality, but of your readiness to make an impact in the workplace.

The Graduate School for the Environment is a place where world-class science has world-class impact. Lancaster Environment Centre, for example, is one of the top three institutions in the UK for the impact of its research and the leader for knowledge exchange and commercialisation.

Add to that the established real-world reputations of Rothamsted Research and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, which is among the top British institutions for the impact of its environmental papers, and you have an organisation with a clear emphasis on the practical application of good science.

As a student emerging from the Graduate School, you will be able to point to a variety of ways in which your studies have given you a practical edge. Perhaps you conducted your research project in collaboration with an outside partner in the public or private sector; perhaps you were trained to use specific mapping tools, cutting-edge laboratory equipment or flood forecasting software; or perhaps you took advantage of the work placements we organise for our students, working on live projects of real commercial importance to the business involved.

Whatever you can point to, it won’t be there by accident. We actively try to make sure that our programmes and modules give you this kind of practical know-how and experience, because we believe that this is what will make you especially attractive to employers.