Cutting-Edge Technologies

As a researcher at the Graduate School for the Environment you have the chance to benefit from a powerful range of equipment and technologies.

On campus at the Lancaster Environment Centre, you can be trained to use a range of equipment, such as our Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer Facility, our X-ray CT Scanner, the Magnetometer at Hazelrigg Weather Station, and our LI-COR Portable Photosynthesis System, which has the capacity to measure plant gas exchange with exceptional speed and precision.

At Rothamsted Research, scientists have access to equipment such as the world’s first Field Scanalyzer, a drone for monitoring variation in crop performance, and Radar Entomology instrumentation for looking into insect movement and spatial ecology.

The many research facilities connected to the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology are host to a broad array of specialist equipment, from spectrophotometers to germanium detectors, and auto-titrators to solid phase extraction workstations. We are also establishing the COSMOS network to provide near real-time soil moisture data for use in a variety of applications.