Meet our Alumni

Our alumni can be found in thousands of positions inside and outside the environment sector, in the UK and around the world.

When you leave the Graduate School for the Environment, you will join a community of thousands of alumni whose studies took them through the doors of Lancaster Environment Centre, Rothamsted Research and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. Here a few of them describe their experiences during and after their period of study.

Tatu Otieno

Tatu enjoyed studying in Lancaster’s friendly campus environment, and benefitted from the wide range of amenities available in the city of Lancaster itself.

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Thomas Appleby

Thomas firmly believes that students hoping to study Environmental Management and Consultancy should first gain work experience in the field, as this prepares them for the academic and professional challenges that they will face.

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Oluwabamise Afolabi

Oluwabamise Afolabi from Osun in Nigeria now has friends from all over the world after studying at the Lancaster Environment Centre, where he did his MSc in Energy and the Environment. 

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Sheila Oxtoby

Standing on a stool being heckled in the hustings for college elections, Sheila Oxtoby remembers selling herself as the candidate promising to be available to listen to fellow students and with the determination to work for whatever change was possible.

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Jianhua Zhang

On his extraordinary journey from teenager barred from every occupation except toiling on a Chinese collective farm, to his current status as one of Nature magazine's top five crop researchers, Jianhua Zhang stumbled across Lancaster University – and then his life changed for good.

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Liz Bell

What the art-mad, scientific teenager with a social conscience, Liz Bell would do with her life when she arrived at Lancaster to study biological sciences, would have been difficult for anyone - including herself - to predict.

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Sam Fitton

He's not drawing comparisons with Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Academy, but for Sam Fitton Lancaster proved to be the perfect launch pad for his career as a professional award-winning magician.

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