Tatu Otieno

Excellent Modules

Currently studying an MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, Tatu was initially attracted to Lancaster due to the modules that were offered, which appealed to her more than those offered by other universities. “I chose Lancaster because out of the three UK universities that were offering this particular course, the Lancaster modules were most interesting to me, and they seemed very practical,” she says. “Once I had compared the modules, I just focused on Lancaster as my institution of choice!”

Tatu’s experience studying these modules upon her arrival was hugely positive. “I really didn’t have a favourite topic - all the topics were my favourites!” she says. “They were very engaging, informative, and positively challenged my mind. Being a person who loves knowledge, I enjoyed all my topics. The only ones I did not enjoy, and I think it was only either one/two, are the topics that required some mathematical calculations, because I am not as much a fan of maths.” She was also very impressed with the expertise of her lecturers. “The lecturers are very knowledgeable and experienced, most of them having handled many projects and been to many parts of the world,” she explains. “Their level of expertise is invaluable, since it is being passed on freely to students!”

A Helpful Community

Having come from a different culture and educational system in Kenya, Tatu’s experience was greatly improved by the level of support available at Lancaster to help her adapt to living and studying in the UK. “I have had to ask many questions to many different people, including staff, students and even community members, because the system and culture is very different compared to where I come from,” she says.  “Honestly, they have all been very helpful!”

Extensive Facilities

Another aspect of Lancaster University that Tatu is particularly fond of is the range of facilities on offer. “The free, fast Wi-Fi is a feature I particularly like,” she says. “It means that I spend absolutely nothing on internet bundles, whereas in my country, internet is expensive. It also makes communication with lecturers and other students much easier, and the library’s OneSearch feature and other databases make it very convenient to access study materials. Another facility that I particularly like is the free printer in the Masters room, which is highly convenient considering that printing can be costly.”

A Unique Learning Environment

Tatu enjoyed studying in Lancaster’s friendly campus environment, and benefitted from the wide range of amenities available in the city of Lancaster itself. “If you enjoy a conducive and peaceful environment of study like I do, then Lancaster is the place to be – it offers all the facilities you could need,” she says.

Tatu believes that the experience that she is gaining while studying at Lancaster will be highly beneficial to her future, and recommends the course and University to prospective students. “This Masters course will offer you insights into how to participate in solving one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century, and even beyond, and that is food,” she says. “I enjoy the experience I am getting at Lancaster through lectures, student interactions and class sessions. They are opening my mind to look at things critically, which is an extremely valuable asset to my future.”