Coastal Erosion and Flood Risk Management LEC.448

This module will provide a solid foundation in the processes that lead to coastal erosion and flood risk, including tides, storm surges and waves.

Course Overview

It will introduce estimation and computational techniques used to calculate extreme sea level and wave heights and for the production of tidalgraphs for flood inundation modelling. Delegates will also cover coastal asset management, design and planning considerations.

The module will be delivered in the context of applying these technical approaches and concepts to decision making faced by coastal asset owners, planners, and developers. It will also introduce the concepts of predicting climate change impacts, uncertainty and how to incorporate these into flood risk management.

Who should attend?

The module is particularly relevant for coastal asset owners, planners, and developers. It will also be of interest to professionals and managers who wish to update their knowledge of extreme sea level science.

Course outcomes

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Apply different techniques to successfully understand and manage coastal risks relating to erosion and flooding.
  • Critically assess different numerical and physical models available for coastal flood modelling, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand the theory behind common analytical calculations.
  • Understand, review and assess coastal processes reports, wave overtopping studies and coastal flooding studies.
  • Review extreme sea level and wave height estimates for present day and climate change scenarios.

Topics covered

  • Key coastal processes: sea-level rise; astronomical tides; storm surges and waves.
  • Estimating extreme sea-level, estimating extreme wave heights and overtopping.
  • Wave overtopping estimation techniques (empirical methods, probabilistic methods, numerical models).
  • Numerical and physical modelling of coastal flooding (physical models, 2-Dimensional hydrodynamic models, 1D-2D hydrodynamic models, incorporation of wave overtopping).
  • Coastal erosion and sediment transport concepts.
  • Coastal asset risk management: interaction of coastal processes and structures and coastal asset deterioration and maintenance.


  • Interactive presentations, exercises, worked examples and case studies.
  • Group discussions
  • A comprehensive set of course notes and learning resources will be provided.


Dr Mark Lawless BSc MSc CSci CEnv MCIWEM C.WEM

Mark leads JBA’s Coastal Flood Risk Management Team, and has extensive experience and expertise in oceanography, extreme sea level science, coastal flood modelling and coastal sea defences. He has published widely on coastal flood risk, extremes analysis and real-time marine forecasting in the UK and abroad.

Dan Rodger BEnvSci MEng GradDipGIS

Dan is a senior coastal engineer with JBA Consulting, specialising in coastal design and numerical modelling for large scale engineering, dredging, nourishment and coastal defence projects.

Dan has eight eight years’ international experience in both private and public sectors; initially within Local Government in Australia where he managed dredging, beach nourishment and estuary/coastal management works, and later as an engineering consultant advising on coastal engineering works and numerical modelling. He currently leads a team at JBA undertaking detailed hydrodynamic, wave and sediment transport modelling and design of coastal structures.