Groundwater Resources and Protection LEC.466

This module aims to provide an understanding of the principles of groundwater flow and contaminant transport, topical areas related to groundwater management and the approaches used for managing groundwater quantity and quality.

Course Overview

The practicals focus on applying computer models to solve realistic groundwater protection problems relevant to the water industry. A field visit is used to illustrate groundwater investigation techniques and support many concepts covered in lectures. The module concludes with a review of groundwater protection policies and procedures, supported by a guest lecturer presentation from the Environment Agency.

Who should attend?

The module is particularly relevant to engineers and other specialists working in catchment management and seeking to implement sustainable water management practices.

Course outcomes

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • List the methods that are widely used for investigating groundwater systems
  • List the main steps in conducting a pumping test for determination of aquifer formation constants
  • Apply a specific groundwater model (PWWIN) to a number of problems
  • State the limitations of models, such as PMWIN, for practical use
  • Determine values of subsurface flow parameters from experimental data
  • List a range of approaches for protecting and managing groundwater resources
  • Numerically evaluate model results
  • Prepare reports for a Head of Section as if working for an organisation such as the Environment Agency

Topics covered

  • Groundwater fundamentals
  • Groundwater-surface water interactions
  • Well and Aquifer Testing
  • Groundwater transport
  • Managing groundwater resources.


  • Interactive presentations
  • Hands-on modelling exercises worked examples and case studies.
  • Group seminars and a field trip.
  • A comprehensive set of course notes and learning resources will be provided.


Andrew Binley BSc PhD

Professor of Hydrogeophysics, Andrew Binley, has 30 years research experience of working in groundwater science, with a particular specialism in numerical modelling, groundwater-surface water interaction, unsaturated flow and transport and groundwater investigation techniques, including geophysics.