As a student at the Graduate School for the Environment you have the opportunity and support to make an active, original and exciting contribution to our world-leading research output.

Every researcher at the Graduate School for the Environment has the chance to make a real difference. You have a better chance of making an impact with your work here than at most other institutions – we are one of the three most highly ranked institutions in the UK for the way in which our research has a practical and positive effect on the outside world.

There’s a reason for our success. It’s because we have put together the right blend of people, resources, support structure and culture to help you succeed.

Just imagine what you could achieve in this kind of world-class environment – the skills you could acquire, the places you could see, the experts you could work with, the data you could gather, the equipment you could use, the insights you could have, the breakthroughs you could make, the career you could launch. It’s an exciting prospect.

Meet the challenge

Meet the Challenge

We only undertake research at the Graduate School if it is designed to address the important environmental issues facing the world. That way we can make sure our output is as focused and effective as possible.

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Think differently

Think Differently

Our research community is organised to address the key global environmental challenges by inspiring researchers from a stimulating mix of disciplines ranging across the natural and social sciences. It’s an approach that generates innovative methods, exciting collaborations and original insights.

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Go Global

Go Global

The research you conduct at the Graduate School can have a global impact well beyond our lecture halls and state-of-the-art laboratories. It can also give you the opportunity to get out into the field both here in the UK and in some of the most extraordinary places on the planet.

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Harness our resources

Harness our Resources

As a researcher at the Graduate School for the Environment, you have the chance to call on the resources and facilities of Lancaster Environment Centre, Rothamsted Research and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. It adds up to a powerhouse of possibilities.

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The Graduate School for the Environment is a collaboration between Lancaster Environment Centre, The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, and Rothamsted Research.