Meet the Challenge

We undertake a broad range of fundamental and applied research so that we have the underlying knowledge and practical understanding to find effective solutions to four key global challenges.

All of the research that we conduct at the Graduate School is outward-looking and challenge-led. We have made it our mission to address three key issues, all of which demand complex, international, multi-disciplinary solutions.


At Lancaster we aim to facilitate the development of globally relevant and accessible food systems by 2030.

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We recognise that sustainable development depends on promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production as well as protecting and managing the natural resources vital for economic and social development.

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Sustainable Catchments

Catchments host the infrastructure and industry associated with farms, villages and cities all of which have downstream consequences on water flows and quality.

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Tropical Futures

The tropics incorporate incredible diversity of language and culture, as well as species and ecosystems. They also have some of the world’s poorest people and nations and some of the highest rates of species loss and ecosystem change.

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Together these vital and wide-ranging issues represent our inspiration, as well as our challenge. And, as one of our community of researchers, you will have the opportunity to identify the specific role you want to play in tackling them.