Tuesday, 29th October 2013, 1-2pm

Speaker: Emma Sayer, Open University

Location: Management School, LT9

All welcome!

From microbes to biomes: comparing and scaling forest soil carbon dynamics

Forest ecosystems play a crucial role in the global carbon cycle but we still know very little about how changes in the composition and productivity of the vegetation will affect carbon storage in the soil. There are number of challenges that need to be met in order to gain a better understanding of how global change will impact upon belowground processes. Recent work on plant-soil interactions highlights the particular importance of identifying underlying mechanisms, combining tools from multiple disciplines, and resolving scaling issues. I discuss these challenges and present a new project, which was designed to address them. The project 'FORESTPRIME' compares soil carbon dynamics in different forest ecosystems and tests an experimental framework across multiple scales with the aim of delivering a detailed mechanistic understanding of soil carbon dynamics in forests under global change.