Friday 6th December 2013, 4-5pm

Speaker:  Tim Clarke, former EU Ambassador and Head of EU Delegation to Tanzania and Ethiopia

Location:  LEC Training Rooms 1 & 2, Gordon Manley Building

During his time as Ambassador he fought against injustice and inequality, for women’s rights, for the disabled, for environmental conservation, for mitigation of the impact of climate change, for food security, for good governance and democracy-building. Whilst in Tanzania, Tim initiated a 2 million Euro project called the Eco-Village, which bring together in a single location a range of climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies in agriculture, livestock, water, energy and natural resources (see These have been tested, evaluated and taken up by the village community in collaboration with local NGOs and support workers. Examples of the technologies include solar-powered water pumps, Good Agricultural Practices, intercropping, soil moisture conservation measures, community seed production and farm yard manure. The Eco-Village concept has been replicated in 3 localities and is in the process of being scaled up via a new 8 million Euro initiative. Tim will discuss this highly successful initiative as a means of introduction to the department in his new role as an Honorary Research Fellow, and by way of stimulating discussion on a possible role for LEC in developing this initiative to include the development of new climate change mitigation technologies.

All welcome!