It’s not quite 80 years since Frisch and Meitner coined the term ‘nuclear fission’ in their 1938 Nature paper.  Despite this relatively short period of time in an industrial context, almost 400 GWe installed nuclear energy generation capacity exists in the world today.  However, national contexts in this respect can be in sharp contrast with one another: some countries have closed their nuclear power plants whilst others are building new ones, several for the first time; some have operating radioactive waste disposal strategies whilst others have none and some are investing in research whilst others are not.  What might the future hold and what opportunities does it present for scientific research?  This talk will explore the research priorities that exist in this field today and summarise the benefits that they might bring tomorrow.

Malcolm Joyce holds a Personal Chair in Nuclear Engineering at Lancaster University and was Head of Department from 2008-2015. His area of research interest is in Nuclear Engineering including nuclear safeguards instrumentation, portable neutron spectrometry, decommissioning-related analytical methods, nuclear policy and environmental consequences, medical radiotherapy & radiation effects.

For further details please contact Harry Hoster.

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