On the 22nd May 2007 the Gordon Manley Building was officially opened to extend the department and provide accommodation for businesses and knowledge exchange. In 10 years the facility has helped LEC to become a national exemplar of Knowledge Exchange best practice.

We have been pioneers from the start in demand-led research and co-design with business and science end users, in the integration of student /graduate engagement into the curriculum, in work-based modular and online learning and with the co-location and integration  of environmental businesses within our academic community.

 We have an impressive track record of co-operation and success evidenced by innovative and distinctive approaches to supporting  business and creating impact from research, including the Research Councils UK–PRAXIS ‘Outstanding Knowledge Exchange Initiative’ for the  Centre for Global Eco-Innovation that supported 50 three-year PhD-led R&D collaborations with regional SMEs to develop new ‘eco-innovative’ products, processes and services for global markets.

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