Dr Jonathan Rowson is Director of The Social Brain Centre at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and a former British chess champion (2004-6). His report for the RSA,  ‘A New Agenda On Climate Change’  is one of the most insightful recent thought pieces on the subject. It takes at its starting point the complex phenomenon of human denial, a full grasp of rebound effects, the need to leave fossil fuel in the ground, competing commitments to energy security and fuel prices, and proposes ways to move forward in the light of these understandings.

Jonathan will explain how his thinking has moved on since the report, with a ‘simple but not simplistic’ reframing of the climate change agenda in seven dimensions: science, law, technology, money, democracy, culture and behaviour. This reframing is designed to help people see themselves in the problem more clearly and enable the interdisciplinary systems thinking that is required to generate credible solutions.

  • Q&A
  • Exploring the implications of the seven dimensions for action on climate change. This will be assisted by wine and cheese.

This event is for people from across the university, the city and the local area, so that the issues can be explored from fresh angles in a lively but relaxed setting.

To register your interest please let Helen Boulton know if you will be attending the event before 13th May. E-mail: h.boulton@lancaster.ac.uk  

Anyone wishing to publicise sustainability activities in the campus or the town is welcome to bring posters for a noticeboard and to contact Mike Berners-Lee to advertise these on the Global Futures website or on the day.

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