What Will You Study

This course offers an academic training route for graduates working in the nuclear sector. In addition, it provides scientists and engineers from a general non-nuclear background with specialist study in Nuclear Science and Engineering. In both cases, the course offers a potential future route to continue to Masters level. The programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive background and introduction to the discipline of nuclear science and engineering, and to the nuclear engineering sector.

The course also covers nuclear engineering systems, including common thermal fission nuclear reactor designs; nuclear safety and the use of risk assessments; and nuclear decommissioning, including robotic systems and related technology. There is a focus on the UK and global nuclear industry, including the reasons for particular technology trends and the nature of regulation and culture in the industry. In addition, engineering science fundamentals are covered where appropriate for example thermodynamic efficiency and materials behaviour.

A wide range of learning and teaching strategies will be used to deliver these aims, including lectures, seminars, industrial site visits, group learning, directed reading and workshops.

With a buoyant engineering job market, the Postgraduate Certificate in Nuclear Science and Engineering will give individuals the opportunity to stand out from non-specialists.


  • Nuclear Industry Foundations
  • Nuclear Engineering Systems
  • Nuclear Safety Environment
  • Decommissioning Technology and Robotics