The course is delivered by individuals representing leading organisations involved in the fuels and energy from waste sector, including:



Gavin Colls, Stopford Projects Ltd.

Gavin is the Associate Director for Nuclear and Renewables at Stopford and is Project Manager for the development of a large scale overseas energy-from-waste plant which uses gasification. Gavin is responsible for ensuring heat and mass balances add up, as well as reviewing technologies for treating different waste streams.


Tony Grimshaw, Energos Ltd.

Tony Grimshaw is the Technical Director of Energos Ltd. He was responsible for the installation and commissioning of the UK's first waste fuelled Advanced Conversion Technology facility on the Isle of Wight, which processes the Isle of Wight’s own residual waste. Energos gasification technology is now being supplied into both the Glasgow and Milton Keynes projects. Tony is a regular speaker on the UK/European conference circuit, and presented at the CIWM’s annual conferences as well as conferences in Europe including the IWWG symposia in Venice.


Steven Entwistle, Viridor

Steven Entwistle is the Operation Manager for the Bolton Thermal Recovery Facility. The plant processes mixed municipal waste and recovers heat. Steve managed the upgrade of the original plant to modern standards (WID and IED), which began in 1998. He is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Thermal Recovery Facility including waste throughput, achieving revenue targets from electricity sales and compliance with and reporting to statutory emissions standards.


David Taylor, Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA)

David is the Director of Contract Services at GMWDA and is the Project Director for the Authority’s £3.8 billion recycling and waste management PFI contract, recognised as the largest of its kind in Western Europe.