NERC Postgraduate and Professional Skills Development Awards

LEC has recently been awarded two grants from NERC to deliver training for postgraduates and professionals working in the environmental sciences. These awards build on the research and teaching strengths of LEC in the soil and freshwater sciences. Summaries of the two awards are provided below. More detailed information regarding these training programmes, including programme content and registration details, will be posted here in the near future.

CATSCI: Multidisciplinary training in soil and freshwater catchment sciences

Location: River Eden catchment, Cumbria
Provisional dates: 17-21st March 2014
Contact: Dr Ben Surridge (telephone: 00 44 (0)1524 594516)

This training initiative will provide specialist skills and experience across the soil and freshwater sciences. Responding to the key gap in multidisciplinary understanding and skills identified in the environmental sciences by NERC, the initiative emphasises the importance of a multidisciplinary approach for both research and management across the land-water continuum. Direct experience of research techniques, management approaches and technologies in the soil and freshwater sciences will be provided through intensive field-based teaching.

The programme will be structured around the following activities:

  • Developing the problem scenario, based on an analysis of the Water Framework Directive as applied to the River Eden catchment
  • Understanding and quantifying risks to freshwater ecosystems posed by patterns of landuse within catchments
  • Monitoring climate, soil-water, groundwater and rivers using environmental sensors
  • The relationships between landuse, flood risk management and hydromorphological conditions in freshwaters
  • Using bioindicators to assess the condition of freshwater ecosystems

Understanding the soil underfoot: a soil science training school for postgraduate researchers

Location: Lancaster University
Provisional dates: 3-7th March 2014
Contact: Prof. Phil Haygarth (telephone: 00 44 (0) 1524 510224)

See British Society of Soil Science for further information.