Water and Soil Sciences

We undertake pure, strategic and applied research to develop scientific tools and techniques to solve problems related to soil, land and water management. 

The solutions demand a truly interdisciplinary approach, incorporating physical hydrology, aquatic chemistry, soil science, biogeochemistry and social sciences, delivered through shared catchment platforms, modeling and uncertainty analysis.

Our water research takes the latest discoveries in water science and works with the world-wide water industry, policy makers and others to deliver innovative solutions for a sustainable supply of clean water for everyone. 

Our soils research brings together the biological, chemical and physical aspects of soil sciences to obtain an integrated understanding of this vital environmental resource.

Our research focus includes these areas:

• soil erosion and the movement of sediment and contaminants
• bioremediation of contaminated land,
• crop uptake of nutrients and pollutants,
• crop water use,
• plant interactions with soil micro-organisms
• the effects of pollution and climate change on the functioning and biodiversity of soils
• flood modeling and prediction
• diffuse pollution in lakes and rivers
• catchment management
• ecology of surface water
• groundwater hydrology
• rainfall runoff processes
• biomonitoring and palaeoclimatology