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Welcome to the 'extra-curricular' home page for Lancaster Environment Centre students where you can find pointers towards a number of extra-curricular opportunities open to you, both science and non-science related.

Students walking up a glacier

You may be interested in taking on extra-curricular activities either because you feel there is more you can be doing with your life, or to enhance your cv and career prospects.

Most of you will graduate with a reasonable degree, along with thousands of other students in the UK every year. What do you have on your cv to make you stand out?

In addition, a number of popular careers, especially in the fields of conservation and overseas development, require prior experience before you are likely to land a paid job. Volunteering is one way to gain this experience.

Enhance your CV

Extra-curricular activities can enhance your cv whether or not they are directly related to your degree or intended career path.

Choose something that interests and inspires you. Career-focussed experience such as summer internships (placements), or conservation volunteering has an obvious benefit, but most activities - sports, arts etc. - will give you transferable skills that employers are looking for, for example evidence of initiative, leadership, teamwork etc.

LEC Expedition and Extra-curricular Personal Development Fund

LEC has a small fund (£1200) available to help fund student expeditions or extra-curricular activities. Find out more

The Lancaster Award

lancaster Award heading

This is an award that recognises students' extra-curricular achievements and can be taken alongside the degree programme. Many of our students are already involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, and the award aims to encourage students to complete such activities and be recognised for their accomplishments.

To achieve the Award students are required to undertake activities in four areas:

  • Employability/career development
  • Campus, community and social development
  • Work experience
  • Additional skills

See for details.