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LEC Expedition and Extra-curricular Personal Development Fund

LEC has a small fund (£1200) available to help fund student expeditions or extra-curricular activities.

Criteria for eligibility

Open to LEC Majors undergraduates only. The activity for which the grant is awarded must take place by the October of graduation, i.e. 3rd year students may apply for activities to take place in the summer of their graduation.

The fund is intended to:

  • help fund a group of students planning their own expedition, unrelated to coursework or dissertation requirements.
  • fund individuals wishing to carry out extra-curricular activities, provided their proposed activity is clearly a significant undertaking above and beyond normal leisure activities. There should be clear evidence of how the activity will enhance a student's skill base - be that leadership, teamwork, adaptability, initiative, or whatever.
  • The fund cannot be used to help fund students taking part on commercially-organised expeditions, except in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances could be, for example, where participation on an expedition has involved particularly rigorous selection criteria, rather than 'pay-and-go' operations.
  • Evidence of significant levels of involvement and advancement in the planning of the expedition/activity must be demonstrated before the grant is released.
  • A one page report must be submitted once the expedition / activity has been carried out, detailing the achievements of the activity.

Examples of activities that may be supported

This list is not exhaustive - email Yani Najman if you are not sure if you are eligible.

  • Expeditions with scientific / research-related objectives, organised and executed by the applicants.
  • Expeditions with adventure / exploratory / outdoor pursuits-related objectives, organised and executed by the applicants, where they can demonstrate that the organisation and execution of the expedition will give them significant transferable skills experience (e.g. development of leadership and teamwork skills, self-reliance, adaptability, initiative and problem-solving etc), and NOT merely development of sporting skills. For example, a kayaking / climbing trip to a relatively unexplored area, with significant logistical organisation and a requirement for substantial self-reliance on site, may be supported, whilst a similar trip to a well known easily organised climbing / kayaking mecca is unlikely to be supported even if the climbing / kayaking is superb!
  • Individual activities - scientific, voluntary work, arts / sports related or other, which can demonstrate significant advancement in the development either of scientific / environmental skills, or of transferable skills, e.g. leadership and teamwork skills, self-reliance, adaptability, initiative and problem-solving etc.


  • Application deadline: 5pm, on the Friday at the end of week 11, i.e. end of the first week of Lent term. Late applications will be accepted if there is spare money.
  • Application to be submitted to Yani Najman by email.
  • Application should consist of
    • completion of the application form Only one application form needs to be completed per group.
    • Supporting documentation. In the case of an expedition, this should be an expedition prospectus detailing (in any appropriate order)
  • Participants, with a brief summary of their past relevant experience if appropriate.
  • Aims and objectives
  • Methodology
  • Location and logistics, including insurance and health and safety considerations.
  • Expected outcomes - results and/or broader implications
  • Budget; breakdown of funds required, other funds applied to or already received, and a plan for fund raising.

In the case of other extra-curricular activities, the wide range of possible activities precludes prescriptive requirements for supporting documentation. You can adapt the 'Expedition template' above, using only those headings which are applicable (most will be applicable), and add your own headings as appropriate.