Jess Burrows

We caught up with recent Biological Sciences student Jess Burrows to find out what she enjoyed most about her degree and what tips she would give to anyone thinking of applying to Lancaster.

What made you choose to study your course?

When looking at courses I wasn’t really sure what area of Biology I was most interested in therefore I really wanted a flexible course that allowed a lot of choice. After looking intensively at lots of University’s I found that Lancaster was one of very few to offer such flexibility. I really liked how there was hardly any set modules and I could tailor the course to my interests, I also liked that if you started modules and you realised that wasn’t your interest, that staff were so willing to help you find modules that suited you much better. There was also such a wide range of modules available, which really made the decision easy. I learn best when out of the classroom and doing practical activities so this was something that I hadn’t even realised was really important to me.

What made you choose to study at Lancaster University?

I really liked the area of Lancaster, the on campus community is very safe which made my parents feel comfortable and the city centre is very student friendly. Being close to the Lake District and lots of nature reserves meant I could get involved with volunteering with charities during my time at university. The transport links are also really fantastic in Lancaster, I liked that I could just pop on a train and be in Liverpool or Manchester and other major cites. There is also a great community feeling on campus due to the collegiate system, I found that every time I visited everyone was always really friendly and willing to help. Whenever I came I was made to feel like a person and not just another applicant number, which was rare for a top ten university. 

What do you enjoy most about your degree at Lancaster?

I really enjoy the practical components of the course such as trips and lab sessions. I also really love how you can specialise in the area you are most interested in, for example I love ecology and conservation and have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about all of the different aspects. I have found that developing my practical skills has helped me to gain experience and I wouldn’t have got that anywhere else. I also think the staff here at Lancaster make the degree so much more enjoyable, they are honestly some of the friendliest people I have ever met and I have always been able to approach any member of staff with any problems I have had. 

What have you enjoyed most about being a student at Lancaster?

I have mainly enjoyed being apart of such a great community; the Colleges really bring people together and help you make friends. There is also a wide range of societies available and I loved being on the executive committee for the Ecology society for two years, planning events with my friends and meeting new people. There is always something going on campus from festivals in the summer to the Christmas fair in winter. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the social side as much as I did, but the number of student friendly pubs and clubs has meant I have been able to have some really great evenings with my friends. 

What advice would you give to students considering studying at Lancaster University?

I would say to not be worried about asking questions about the course and anything else you want to know, the staff are fantastic and always friendly, looking back I wish I had asked more questions as I think it would have made the decision to come to Lancaster even easier. I would also say look carefully at courses and know that at Lancaster there are always options if you started your course and weren’t sure, look over modules for second and third years too so you know what routes you could take based on your interests. I also always get asked if the weather is really that bad up here and I would say it really isn’t, it is never as bad as people make out but I would just ensure you pack an extra scarf for winter! However since I have been in Lancaster we have had some really great summers. Finally, just go for it, I have had the best time here and I couldn’t recommend it more!