Study in Europe

Spend 3-4 months at a partner university in mainland Europe as part of the Erasmus+ scheme.

1. Research (dissertation) placements

Placements are available at the following universities for you to do practical research as part of your dissertation project – this might include lab work, fieldwork or computer modelling.

Your three months abroad will be during the summer towards the end of your second year at Lancaster, from May/June to August/September.

You will be working with an English-speaking research group and supervisor, so the ability to speak a foreign language is not essential.

2. Studying courses taught in English

You can spend the first semester of your third year (between August and December) taking taught courses at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands:

The courses studied in the Netherlands will contribute towards your degree at Lancaster using the European Credit Transfer System.

How to apply

You do not need to apply for a place on the scheme until the first term of your second year at university. Places can be competitive, so we will expect you to have achieved good grades in your first year studies and priority will be given to those with the highest first year grades.

Fees and funding

Those undertaking an Erasmus+ placement will continue to pay tuition fees to Lancaster, but will not have to pay any tuition costs to the overseas institution. You may be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant of around‎ €250-€350 for each month spent abroad and, if you’re spending more than 15 weeks abroad, you may also be eligible for a Government travel grant.

Living costs vary from country to country, but are very low in Croatia and the Czech Republic, making these destinations particularly attractive to those on a limited budget.

Information about how the decision to exit the EU may affect the Erasmus scheme is provided here by the International Office.