Study in Australasia or North America

If you opt to study abroad, you will have the exciting opportunity to spend a year studying at an overseas university in North America or Australasia.

Our Biology and Biological Sciences degree programmes are both available with a study abroad option:

The year abroad is not an add-on to your degree; it is fully integrated so that you can complete your BSc in just three years or MSci in four. You will spend your first year in Lancaster, your second at a university overseas, and then return to Lancaster for the third year. Destinations include the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to broadening your academic horizons, developing your personal and social skills and providing you with an understanding of another culture and society, the experience is also likely to enhance your job prospects.

Where can you go?

The majority of our partner universities are in North America, located across the United States and Canada. You could spend your second year in Florida, Colorado, Maine, Oregon, Michigan, Ottawa, Vancouver or Toronto. Alternatively, you also have the opportunity of studying in Australia or New Zealand such as at Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Wellington. The choice of destinations and number of places can vary from year-to-year, so although we cannot guarantee that you will be able to go to your first choice, we are sure that wherever you go it will be an experience to remember.

How to apply

You should apply for one of our Study Abroad degrees when you make your application though UCAS. You’ll then need to make a decision in the January of your first year if you would still like to spend the following year abroad. Changing your mind is perfectly fine, and you can easily transfer onto the standard degree.  It may be possible to opt onto the Study Abroad scheme after you have started at Lancaster, but this is dependent upon the number of places available and your academic performance in Year 1.

If you apply for a study abroad course, we will also automatically consider you for the ‘standard’ degree programme (for which the entry requirements are typically lower) and therefore you do not need to list both courses on your UCAS application. If, at any time during your first year, you decide that you no longer want to study abroad, you can simply switch to the standard degree programme.

Fees and funding

Studying abroad might not cost as much as you think! Lancaster will waive 85%* of your tuition fees for the year you spend abroad and you may also receive an increased maintenance loan. Additionally, you could be eligible for a Government travel grant, which covers some of your travel and medical insurance costs. Whilst there will be extra expenses you should be aware of, such as flights, insurance and immigration fees, studying abroad is a great way to add a unique experience to your degree.

*This figure remains to be confirmed and may be subject to change