As a postgraduate student in LEC, you will gain a wide variety of transferable employability skills whilst receiving among the very best in environmental education.

All of our Masters modules embed skills that are relevant for employment, such as teamwork, time management and communication, as well as honing high-level reasoning and analytical skills. Your PhD continues this, while also developing advanced specialist knowledge, making you into an expert in your chosen specialism. Academia is but one of many destinations that you may consider after graduation, so be sure to make yourself aware of your options, and take advantage of the available advice and training opportunities.

Professional Experience Programmes

Our Business Partnerships and Enterprise team also help to use their connections to run several specialist industry focused courses which enable you to work for a business whilst completing an MSc or PhD:

As well as these, our professional experience degrees include:

Read more about our modules and professional experience degrees.

Company-Based Dissertations

We provide the opportunity to complete a piece of applied research with an external organisation for your dissertation. This is organised using LEC’s extensive industrial contacts, and gives you a fantastic opportunity to undertake a novel research project within a company or charity seeking environmental solutions to a real problem.

Careers Advice

Lancaster Careers Service is equipped to deal with queries from all types of postgraduate students, and you should take advantage of their advice, careers fairs and events, and dedicated support for PhD students. LEC’s own careers events will also be highly relevant.

Professional Training

Many PhD programmes provide opportunities to develop your skills beyond your research specialism. These include dedicated training courses (e.g. ENVISION, STARS) as well as the courses offered by the main UK funders, such as NERC’s public engagement training. Funders also provide opportunities to learn about innovation and entrepreneurial awareness through competitions like NERC’s Environment YES.

Make sure you talk to your supervisor about taking advantage of these opportunities.

Extra-curricular Activities

Lancaster University Students’ Union has extensive resources and information about opportunities to join societies, play sport, volunteer or join overseas expeditions.

LEC Careers Bulletin

All are welcome to sign up to receive LEC’s weekly careers bulletin, including current students and graduates. This will help you ensure you don’t miss any careers events hosted by LEC and the University, as well as providing information about opportunities for employment and further study.

Current students can sign up using their Moodle login details, whereas others will have to make an openlearning account before adding themselves.