Transferable Skills

As well as developing your knowledge on your subject, at Lancaster University, we equip you with a range of life skills to help you in your future career.

As well as being designed to allow you to attain the highest levels of academic achievement, all of our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees will help you to develop a set of transferable skills, including teamwork, leadership and problem-solving. This, along with subject-specific knowledge, will make you highly attractive to employers within the environmental sector and beyond, as well as giving you among the very best in environmental education.

We also provide dedicated careers training to help you prepare for the job application process, as well as an internship programme in which you can gain hands-on experience to enhance your employability.

Transferable Skills

  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Working as a consultant
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Team working
  • Innovation
  • Working with and manipulating complex data
  • Risk assessment
  • Understanding different perspectives on a variety of environmental issues
  • Literacy, numeracy and graphicacy
  • Presentation skills
  • Making decisions in an integrated and holistic way
  • Ability to deal with the unexpected

Enhancing Employability

  • Group learning
  • Industrial projects
  • Business planning
  • Summer internships
  • Industry lectures
  • Relevant and practical experience