Dr Chris Andry

Dr Chris Andry studied Biological Sciences BSc Hons and M.Phil. from 1979 to 1982. The experience has stayed with him and he is thankful for the skills he developed and the teaching that inspired him.

Expert teaching

“The Faculty has always been great,” he says. “The biology labs were well equipped even for the time and the Faculty was knowledgeable and accessible.” Chris soon understood the benefits of the support offered to him at the University and is keen to recommend the mentoring schemes. “The mentoring that I received at the time was so helpful to me,” he says. “I learned a lot from passionate lecturers such as Dr Henry Huddart, who was a muscle physiology expert. That really motivated me and helped me to focus on my studies.”

Building friendships

Chris now lives in Boston, USA and is the Vice Chairman of Operations and Management in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Along with this, he is an associate professor in his subject.

Life at Lancaster was a memorable experience for Chris. “I have many excellent and very fond memories,” he recalls. “I played Rugby Union, had great nights out and made friends for life. I also met my wife, Virginia Lovett, at Lancaster and we’ve lived in the States for 33 years.”

Worldwide impact

The friendships that Chris has developed at Lancaster have made such an impression that he still catches up with his fellow alumni whenever he gets the chance. “We attended a Lancaster – Boston alumni event in Boston recently so I am glad to keep in touch and offer any support I can to science grads.”