What Will You Study

Our Environmental Biology degree covers a huge range of subjects, from molecular biology through to ecosystem ecology. In your first year, the modules you will study include Life in a Changing Environment Biodiversity and Conservation and Environmental Processes. You will develop vital research skills in your second year in addition to taking modules such Environmental Physiology. You will also begin work for your dissertation, which you will then complete in your final year alongside the modules Global Change Biology and Sustainable Agriculture.

The course is extremely flexible and gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of optional modules each year, thereby allowing you to focus on the topics that interest you the most. Lectures, practicals and workshops will be complemented by fieldwork, including residential field courses in the UK and overseas, and work experience opportunities.

Our Environmental Biology course is also available with a Study Abroad variant, where you spend your second year in a partner university in the USA, Canada or Australasia.