What Will You Study

Our Environmental Science degree is the longest running programme of its kind in the UK and is one of our most popular degrees. A degree in Environmental Sciences uniquely equips you to help address global challenges, such as adapting to climate change, mitigating water and soil pollution, securing food production and managing hazards including flooding or volcanic eruptions. This is achieved by applying understanding and practical experience from across the geological, geographical, physical, chemical, biological and social sciences.

Our Environmental Science degree is interdisciplinary and covers both natural and man-made environments with the aims of understanding:

  • how the Earth has evolved to its current state
  • the main factors and processes controlling today’s environment
  • how environmental conditions may change in the future

You start your Environmental Science degree studying subjects such as hydrology, geology and atmospheric science, combined with the nature of environmental challenges on a global scale. Your second year offers a wide range of optional modules, for example covering Soil Science, Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Conservation or Enterprise for the Environment. In your third year, you complete a dissertation with employability skills or a work placement/internship, as well as studying optional modules such as Climate and Society or Water Resources Management. You will continue into your fourth year selecting from a broad range of masters-level modules spanning the atmospheric sciences, ecology and societal solutions, alongside undertaking a research dissertation of your choosing.