Nancy Baines

Enthralling environments

Since graduating in 2015, Nancy Baines has decided to broaden her horizons and gain new experiences by travelling. “I am currently travelling South America and am writing this from the Galapagos Islands,” she says. “I needed a break after studying, and my degree has really made me appreciate the environments I’ve seen. It’s great to see a volcanic crater and understand why it’s there!”

Nancy’s interest in travelling has been fuelled by the extensive fieldwork opportunities offered by LEC, as well as the fascinating content of her course. “I found the majority of the content really interesting, but my highlight was the field trips,” she says. “How could you not love being in beautiful places with your friends? Turning 21 on Mount Etna was something I won’t forget in a hurry… the course has helped me better understand the places I am travelling in. The lectures made me want to go and see all those exciting things we learnt about.”

Although still unsure of what she wishes to pursue for a career, Nancy hopes that her experiences while travelling will open doors for her. “I was hoping that travelling would help me find what I wanted to do next… but it’s still difficult,” she says. “I would like to work in communicating information to the public and definitely in the environmental sector.”

A home away from home

Nancy greatly appreciated Lancaster’s community atmosphere during her studies here, as well as its proximity to the areas of outstanding natural beauty within the Lake District. “I was really picky when I looked at universities, and Lancaster was one of the two I could actually see myself going to,” she says. “The campus atmosphere was so welcoming, and the facilities seemed really good. I also liked the city and that the Lake District was only half an hour away.”

Nancy also enjoyed the social life that studying at Lancaster provided, as well as the extensive opportunities for employment and work experience within the University. “My four years at Lancaster have increased my confidence and knowledge,” she says. “I had so much fun, mostly due to the people I met there. I liked the work-life balance, with Lancaster’s location meaning trips to the Lakes and barbecues on the beach were easily done. I also liked how many other opportunities were available. I really enjoyed my part-time job with the University as it was nice to have a change from academic work from time to time, and it has helped me fund my travelling!”