Theo Platts-Dunn

Returning to Lancaster

Since graduating from his MSci in 2015, Theo Platts-Dunn has returned to Lancaster to undertake an internship within LEC. “I’m working within the Enterprise and Business Partnerships Team and also helping to coordinate and plan employability events in LEC,” he says. “The internship has been an excellent way for me to develop some solid work experience which looks great on my CV - I wanted to gain some office work experience as it’s a prerequisite for many graduate roles I’ve seen online. The transferable skills I developed over the course of my degree have helped me enormously in my current role. The ability to manage my time well and communicate effectively have all been tested and improved upon over the course of my current internship.”

Although grateful for the experience he has gained during his internship and for his excellent university experience, Theo wishes to move away from Lancaster to pursue his career. “I’m looking to move away from Lancaster and I’ve been applying for jobs focusing on sustainability development,” he says. “Many of the roles I have seen have been as part of university sustainability teams, so the experience I have gained working at Lancaster stands me in good stead for many of these roles. In the long term, I’m not really sure what my plan is so for the time being I’m just going to pursue what interests me.”

Fantastic opportunities

Upon visiting Lancaster for the first time, Theo was instantly struck by the friendly, community atmosphere on campus, and was impressed by the outstanding range of modules offered by LEC. “I remember coming to visit Lancaster on an Open Day and really liking the atmosphere on campus,” he says. “As well as that, I remember being attracted by the breadth of my chosen degree scheme. After sixth form I wasn’t sure which of my interests to follow, so I was pleased when I found that my degree at Lancaster would encompass a large spectrum of modules, from global environmental challenges to the structure of the earth’s interior.”

Theo’s favourite aspects regarding his time studying here were the extensive travelling opportunities within LEC, and the opportunity to meet and socialise with so many people who shared his interests. “The best part of my degree was the variety of field trips and hands-on learning experiences,” he says. “Over the course of four years I’ve visited Spain, Italy, Mull, the Lake District and also took part in an optional overseas trip to Guangzhou in China. Getting hands-on experience like this, in conjunction with my academic studies, is a great way to learn. I also really enjoyed meeting like-minded people who have the same interests as me, and the wide variety of extra-curricular activities available. A particular highlight for me was captaining the korfball team on a record breaking losing streak in my third year.”