Our Environmental Science society, EnviroSoc, offers a great opportunity to meet others from your course and try out new activities in a social setting.


EnviroSoc aims to bring together anyone and everyone studying or interested in environmental issues, so it is a great place to meet not only others on your course but also new people from around the university.

We organise a diverse range of academic and non-academic activities throughout the year giving our members the chance to relax and enjoy themselves and also further develop your interest in Environmental and Earth Sciences.

One of the highlights of our social calendar is the end of year formal meal and ball, where we team up with the other societies (EcoSoc and the Society of Lancaster University Geography Students) to host this memorable event for all students and staff in the Lancaster Environment Centre.

Examples of previous events we have held include guest lectures, documentary evenings, academic support and guidance sessions, Green Lancaster action day, trips to the nearby Lake District and numerous social activities.

As a member of EnviroSoc, you will be free to attend as many social events as you wish, hopefully making new friends and creating lasting memories of Lancaster.