What we offer

Lancaster has one of the best student experiences in the UK. We boast world-class facilities, internationally renowned academics and flexible study paths.

Choice and flexibility

All these programmes have 3-year BSc and 4-year MSci options. The first year focuses on the core understanding of the Earth’s systems, but you will also take modules that deal with a number of globally significant environmental challenges, including producing sufficient food for a growing population, meeting future demands for energy, adapting to floods and droughts and preventing or mitigating soil and water pollution. You can switch between programmes up until the end of your first year, ensuring you are studying the subject that most interests you.  In subsequent years, you get a greater choice of modules and can become more specialised, meaning that you can design your degree to match your interests and career aspirations.

Hands-on experience

We offer exciting practical opportunities to complement your academic studies in most of our modules. You will spend time in the laboratory, in the field and develop computer models, learning the cutting-edge techniques required of a well-qualified practising scientist.

As well as studying in the varied and beautiful landscapes surrounding Lancaster, fieldwork may include examining volcanic hazards on Mount Etna in Sicily, water and environmental management in Croatia, or the interactions between glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland. Your research dissertation between years two and three also provide many opportunities for practical experience, including working abroad, for example examining mountain-belt tectonics in the Himalayas or tropical hydrology in Borneo. You also have the choice to work with a business or industry partner for your dissertation, providing valuable work experience.

Students benefit from

  • excellent student to staff ratios
  • small tutorial groups
  • friendly, available and enthusiastic lecturers
  • excellent pastoral care provided by departmental tutors and college advisors

What we offer