Study Abroad

For over 25 years, Lancaster University has operated successful exchange scheme with universities across the world.

If you choose to take one of LEC’s Study Abroad courses, you will have the opportunity to spend the second year of your degree at one of our partner universities. Which university you choose to study at is entirely up to you, although places are subject to availability. Countries in which you can study include the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. We also have 3-month Erasmus exchange programmes based in Europe for students who would prefer to go abroad for a shorter period.

An overwhelming majority of our students find studying abroad to be a hugely positive experience. Here is a list of reasons why you should take advantage of this amazing opportunity:

  • Experience another country’s culture and way of life - learn in a brand new environment
  • Benefit from a wide range of teaching and research expertise, and study fascinating modules
  • Undertake fieldwork in a wide variety of natural and human environments
  • Enhance your job prospects – stand out to employers by showing that you are adaptable, willing to learn, possess a sense of adventure and are open to new experiences
  • Develop your self-confidence – prove to yourself and others that you are capable of living independently in an unfamiliar environment
  • Take advantage of amazing opportunities and experiences, and make memories to last a lifetime. Previous Study Abroad students have been skiing, scuba diving, surfing and much more.

Since the courses that you take during your year abroad count towards your final degree classification, you will take modules which fit into Lancaster's scheme of study, and partly match those that you would take here. During your time in Lancaster, you will study the same modules as LEC students who have not opted to study abroad. This ensures that you receive among the very best in environmental education, whilst giving you the fantastic opportunity to spend a year living in another country. During your studies abroad, you may also have the opportunity to take certain modules unavailable to study here.

You will be asked to submit a list of your preferred universities to our International Office by the end of Michaelmas term, and will be guided through the application process. You will be allocated a place by mid-January, and will have a point of contact, together with your Departmental Study Advisor, when you are abroad.