From social events to academic activities that complement your degree, joining EcoSoc is a great way to get to know others from your course whilst learning more about ecology!


EcoSoc aims to bring together anyone and everyone studying or interested in ecological issues. Not only is joining EcoSoc a great way to get to know others from your course in a more relaxed and social setting, but also other people from around the University.

In addition to running a varied social calendar throughout the year, we also aim to improve our practical identification knowledge of a wide range of plants and animals. We believe that our activities enable you to have a better chance of gaining interviews and jobs in the highly competitive field of ecology. Our activities take place regularly, either on-campus or at nearby locations such as Warton Crag or Leighton Moss.

One of the highlights of our social calendar is the end of year formal meal and ball, where we team up with the other societies (EnviroSoc and the Society of Lancaster University Geography Students) to host this memorable event for all students and staff in the Lancaster Environment Centre.

As a member of EcoSoc, you will be free to attend as many social events as you wish, hopefully making new friends and creating lasting memories of Lancaster.