Meet our Staff

Our staff are dedicated to advancing your knowledge as you progress through your degree. All our academics are actively engaged in research at the cutting edge of their field, which directly feeds into what is taught to you in undergraduate modules.

Dr Stuart Sharp

Stuart is the Admissions Tutor for our Ecology and Conservation degree schemes. If you visit Lancaster at an Open Day or Applicant Visit Day, you will likely meet Stuart! Should you have any questions about our Ecology and Conservation degree schemes, feel free to ask him!

Stuart is an animal ecologist and works with wild populations of birds and mammals to address questions about animal behaviour and population ecology. This research feeds directly into Stuart’s undergraduate teaching. He teaches on a range of ecology modules including a first year field course to Spain and a third year module on Animal Behaviour.

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Dr Mike Roberts

In addition to researching the biology of plant stress responses, Mike is also the Programme Director for our portfolio of Ecology and Conservation degree schemes. Mike is therefore responsible for ensuring that all of our undergraduate modules are not only exciting and engaging, but also challenging. So, not only will you enjoy learning about a variety of topics during you degree, you will graduate with a wide range of new skills to ensure that you are able to succeed once you leave Lancaster.

You’ll likely meet Mike during your studies at Lancaster as he teaches during the second and third year of our Ecology and Conservation degrees!

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Dr Jackie Pates

Jackie is the Part I (first year) Director of Studies for our Ecology and Conservation degree schemes. As such, Jackie is responsible for all of our first-year students and, along with the Teaching Office or your Academic Advisor, will be your first point of contact should you have any issues or concerns.

Jackie’s research focuses around the use of radionuclide tracers to study marine and freshwater processes, and this feeds directly into her undergraduate teaching including a second-year module which will introduce you to the scientific method, experimental design, data collection and statistical techniques.

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