Eleanor Maloney

BSc Geography

Career preparation

Now training to teach geography in secondary schools with TeachFirst, Eleanor Maloney feels that her time studying the subject at Lancaster University has effectively prepared her to pursue her chosen career path. “My time at Lancaster has prepared me, as I did a module in teaching, which is what I am doing now that I have graduated,” she says. “In addition, it gave me the opportunity to lead and develop my understanding of the subject that I will be teaching in a school.”

As well as aspiring to teach the subject, Eleanor was initially convinced to study geography at Lancaster due to the flexible, expertly taught geography courses on offer here. “What I found about geography at Lancaster, which few other universities offered me, was the opportunity to study both human and physical geography alongside each other and therefore come out with a 50/50 degree,” she says.

Eleanor also jumped at the opportunity to undertake fieldwork in the beautiful and striking landscapes of Iceland, and this proved to be one of the highlights of her degree. “The Iceland module was my favourite module of study,” she says. It was very exciting and different and was somewhere I had never visited. The work was enjoyable, the places and things we saw were amazing and beautiful, and I made great friends on my course from the trip too.”

A welcoming community

In addition to Lancaster’s excellent geography course, Eleanor was impressed by the University’s campus environment and college communities, citing the social aspect of her university experience as one of her favourite things about her time here. “Lancaster felt safe and had a great atmosphere, being a campus university,” she says. “The collegiate system is one of the best things about the University. Not only do you have your friends from your course and societies you join, but you have this network of people that are like your family from your college. They have made my time at Lancaster so enjoyable, and I have made so many friends for life. Not only have I worked and achieved a good degree result, but I have made the most of the university - I went out with my friends, joined societies, and was on the exec of some of those societies too.”

Support and facilities

As well as the warm welcome that she received from the colleges and societies on campus, Eleanor was impressed by the friendly nature of Lancaster’s academic staff, and with the level of support that they provide. “The lecturers are so lovely,” she says. “They give you help if you need it, and LEC is such a great department. You are able to get support from various members of staff in your department, as well as from the Base, members of your college, and from friends on your course. There is such a big support network behind you for your studies and for personal problems, and that's what makes Lancaster so great.”

Eleanor also feels that the extensive array of facilities on offer helped to make her studies more enjoyable and interesting. “I used the library and LEC labs as well as the computer labs,” she says. “They were all really good to use, and I really enjoyed them. It made my learning much more interesting than being in lectures all the time.”

Recommending Lancaster

Having had a fantastic time studying at Lancaster, Eleanor is quick to recommend the University to prospective students. When asked what she would say to students considering study at Lancaster, Eleanor replied, “Do it. I wouldn't change my three years of studying geography at Lancaster for anything. It’s such a great University, and I wish I could relive it all again.”