Ethan Wallace

Having been awarded the Dissertation Prize for his outstanding research into changes in rainfall patterns, Ethan Wallace is highly optimistic that his degree has laid the foundations for a lucrative career. “I have just graduated, and I am currently publishing a paper with Dr. Wlodek Tych and Dr. Nick Chappell based on work done within my dissertation. After this, I am applying for a PhD at Lancaster.”

A Fascinating Subject

Having grown up in Lancaster, Ethan decided to study at the University due to its excellent reputation, as well as his love for the subject of geography. “Lancaster University is one of the best universities in the country, and being born and raised here meant I already knew the city and area,” he says. “I chose physical geography as I had always excelled at it ever since beginning the subject, and found it crossed over into many fields, especially maths and the sciences which I also enjoyed.”

Ethan found many aspects of his undergraduate degree fascinating, and believes that the skills and knowledge that he has gained have prepared him effectively for his future career. “My favourite topics were hydrology and meteorology/climatology, and these often came up in other topics such as glaciology and biogeography,” he says. “I found them interesting as these are subjects that you can apply immediately, they are heavily maths and science based, and being from Lancaster I’m already very familiar with rain and its components. My studies have given me a wide range of subject knowledge, developed my independent research and study skills, and given me hands on experience with theory/equipment used in the real world.”

A Brilliant Environment

Ethan greatly appreciates the supportive and friendly environment within Lancaster University, and is grateful for the support that he has received from its academic staff. “Lecturers always were on hand if you had any questions, and they would ensure there was wider reading to boost lecture knowledge,” he says. “This was at a beginner level all up to a level more complex than within the lecture itself.” Ethan also made extensive use of the University’s state-of-the-art facilities. “During my degree I have used the computer labs, science labs, weather stations and a range of other facilities. I like how it was an alternative to lectures and you were employing your knowledge in a real world sense, as well as reinforcing theory by proving facts that we learnt were correct.”

When asked why prospective students should choose Lancaster, Ethan replied that the friendly nature of the staff, the extensive choice of fascinating topics, opportunities for practical study and excellent social life were the best aspects about studying at the University. “The lectures and staff are fantastic and really helpful, you are given a huge range of topics to pick from (many of which you won’t have encountered in school), you can get lots of hands-on experience, computer and  laboratory work depending on your preferences, and you’ll make friends for life inside and outside of lectures,” he says. “I love my time at Lancaster because it’s an incredible experience all round.”

Further details on Ethan’s research and the paper he plans to publish can be found here: