Heather Dinsdale

BSc Geography

A Fascinating Course

Now working as a Sanctions Manager at HSBC in Australia, Heather Dinsdale was attracted to Lancaster University due to the reputation of its academics, and the flexible nature of its geography degrees. “As well as Emeritus Professor Colin Pooley, I found the course and module content highly interesting,” she explains. “I was also happy about the fact that I could choose between Human and Physical modules and still get a BSc.”

Support and Facilities

Heather is grateful for the level of support available to students in Lancaster Environment Centre, and made full use of the facilities available during her time here. “It was great to be able to approach any of the lecturers whenever I needed them,” she says. “I made the library my best friend, and the inter-library transfers were very helpful!”

Skills and Ambition

Heather has found the skills that she has gained during her geography degree invaluable to her subsequent career. “I loved studying anything related to geography, and I feel that my course has given me a passion for high achievement and an inquisitive mind,” she says. “I now manage sanctions risk for HSBC in Australia, and feel that my time at Lancaster opened my eyes to the opportunities in the world. I also worked part time in the Management School, and still have contacts from there now.”

Recommending Lancaster

Having thoroughly enjoyed her time here, and feeling that her university experience has prepared her well for later life, Heather is quick to recommend Lancaster to prospective students. “You won't find a university anywhere else that has it all,” she says. “Great courses, a campus layout, the option to live in town, close proximity to a small city, and state-of-the-art facilities. Studying at Lancaster was everything I wanted a university experience to be!”