Jake Brown

BSc Physical Geography/Australasia

Useful Skills

With plans to work as a Graduate Trainee with Inspiring Futures at Lancaster University after he finishes his studies, physical geography student Jake Brown values the opportunities that his degree has provided to apply his skills to real-world issues. Lancaster’s geography modules are designed to develop transferable skills, and Jake feels that these have prepared him effectively for employment.

“My time at Lancaster has set me up perfectly for my future career through presentations, group projects and report writing,” Jake says. “I liked being able to solve real world issues and see how the field is changing and advancing all the time.”

Jake feels that the practical skills taught in the module ‘Geographical Information Systems: Principles and Practice’ will help him to apply the concepts he has learned in a real-life setting, along with his extensive use of LEC’s impressive facilities. “I really enjoyed this module, which involved using computers and software to solve geographical problems,” he says. “I've also made use of the vast majority of the LEC facilities, including the ‘super labs’, specialist environmental technology and PC labs. This really helped, as it allowed me to get a practical view of the theories we learnt and put them into action.”

Fantastic Environment

Lancaster’s unique location, situated near to the tranquil Lake District and the bustling cities of Manchester and Liverpool, helped to convince Jake to study geography here, due to the fact that these varied locations are highly conducive to fieldwork. He also appreciates the learning environment and community atmosphere that Lancaster provides, noting the friendly and approachable nature of the academic staff.

“I chose to study geography as I have always loved it as a subject, and Lancaster provided such an amazing location to study it in - if for no other reason, choose Lancaster for its spectacular location for a geography degree,” he says. “I'd definitely recommend coming and visiting the Environment Centre, as that's what really sold the course to me. I really enjoyed getting to see how much the staff and students love studying and working here. Lancaster seemed a lot smaller and friendlier than other universities I looked round, and thankfully that's stayed consistent over the last four years - the lecturers are incredibly approachable and easy to get to know, which is great when you struggle with something and need a helping hand.”

Study Abroad Opportunities

Finally, the opportunity to spend a year abroad was something that Jake hugely appreciated, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of his degree. “I studied abroad for a year as part of my course, spending a year in Sydney, Australia,” he says. “It was a fantastic chance to live somewhere else for a year and do things I'd never have the chance to do, such as skydiving, and swimming with turtles. It was great to experience studying geography from a different perspective as well.”