What we offer

We boast world-class facilities, internationally renowned academics and flexible study paths, resulting in an exceptional student experience.

Choice and flexibility

You can choose between our 3-year BA/BSc or 4-year MArts/MSci degree programmes. Our programme structures are designed to give you the freedom to follow your interests as they develop. The first year of our degrees is structured around broad interdisciplinary modules introducing you to global environmental challenges. In subsequent years, you have a greater choice of modules, based around both human and physical geography, meaning that you can design your degree to match your interests and career aspirations, including the opportunity to gain valuable classroom experience with our Communicating Geography module.

Hands-on experience

As part of your degree, you will gain hands-on experience to complement your academic studies and also develop your practical skills. Many of our modules offer exciting opportunities for practical work in either the laboratory of the field, enabling you to put the academic theory learnt in lectures into practice.

You can also enhance your studies, boost your self-confidence and immerse yourself in the culture of another country as part of our exciting opportunities to study overseas in either North America or Australasia with our Study Abroad option, or in Europe through the Erasmus+ scheme.

We offer many opportunities to study different environmental and social phenomena in the real world. Whether it’s examining social inequality in New York, water and environmental management in Croatia, or the interaction between glaciers and the landscape in Iceland, these field courses are an excellent way to apply your academic knowledge in the field.

You will also undertake a research project under the guidance of an active researcher. This is an excellent opportunity to put the skills learnt throughout your degree into practice, and you could have the opportunity to use state of the art equipment in our laboratories or take your research out into the field.

You will benefit from

  • Excellent student to staff ratios
  • Small tutorial groups
  • Friendly and enthusiastic lecturers
  • Outstanding pastoral care, provided by both your department and college

What we offer

  • Exciting fieldwork opportunities, in both the UK and overseas
  • A unique location for fieldwork, nearby to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales
  • High quality facilities, equipment and friendly support staff
  • Opportunity to study abroad, ranging from a term to a full year
  • Placement opportunities, facilitated by an in-house business partnership team