What we offer

Lancaster has one of the best student experiences in the UK. We boast world-class facilities, internationally renowned academics and flexible study paths.

Choice and flexibility

Our approach provides you with a rounded geographical training, with the possibility of graduating with a three-year BA, BSc, or a four-year MArts or MSci degree. Our programme structures are designed to give you the freedom to follow your interests as they develop.  Our first year is structured around broad interdisciplinary modules introducing students to global challenges and potential solutions from multiple perspectives. You can then specialise in subsequent years choosing from a broad range of humanities, social science and science-based topics.

Hands-on experience

We give you many opportunities to examine environmental and social phenomena in real world settings. We offer a full range of research-based modules and exciting field courses in local, national and international settings. Many modules also have associated field excursions to locations including the Yorkshire Dales, Cumbrian coast, Lake District, and nearby cities and towns.

Internationally, you could explore:

  • social and environmental challenges in the tropical forests of the Amazon
  • geomorphology in Spain
  • water management in Croatia
  • food politics and culture in Paris
  • glaciology in Iceland
  • urban inequality and environmental justice in New York.

Our Communicating Geography module involves a placement in a local school or you could work with a business to complete your dissertation research, gaining valuable work experience at the same time.

You will have access to

  • outstanding analytical and experimental laboratories
  • geographical information systems (GIS) for computer mapping and spatial analysis
  • image processing software for the analysis and interpretation of remotely sensed imagery
  • an expert team of laboratory, research and computing technicians to support you

What we offer

  • Students study Geography across 15 different programmes with many optional modules drawn from across the Lancaster Environment Centre
  • Exciting range of international field work
  • Brand new labs, equipment and friendly support staff
  • Option to study abroad from a term to a year
  • Work with industry facilitated by an in-house business partnership team
  • Excellent student to staff ratios
  • Small tutorial groups
  • Friendly, available and enthusiastic lecturers, who are engaged in cutting-edge research and have international profiles
  • Excellent academic, employability and welfare support
  • Pastoral care provided by departmental tutors and advisors
  • Popular and highly regarded collegiate system