Study in Europe

We offer two different ways for you to spend 3-4 months at a university in mainland Europe as part of your degree

1. Research (dissertation) placements

Placements are available at the following universities for you to do practical research as part of your dissertation project – for example, lab work, field work or computer modelling.

Your three months abroad will be during the summer towards the end of your 2nd year at Lancaster (May/June to August/Sept).

You will be working with an English-speaking research group and supervisor – so being able to speak a foreign language is not essential.

2. Studying courses taught in English

You can spend the first semester of your third year (between August and December) taking taught courses at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands:

The courses studied in the Netherlands will count towards your degree using the European Credit Transfer System.

How to apply

There is no special UCAS code – placements are organised on an individual basis early in your 2nd year at Lancaster. Students of any nationality on any degree within Lancaster Environment Centre are welcome to apply. If there is competition for places, priority will be given to the students with the best Year 1 grades.

How much will it cost?

Because Erasmus exchanges are reciprocal, there are no extra tuition fees to pay.

You will receive some financial support in the form of an Erasmus grant – currently 370 Euros (approx £315) per month. However, this is unlikely to cover all of your extra expenses (travel, accommodation, etc).

Living costs vary from country to country, but are very low in Croatia and the Czech Republic, making these destinations particularly attractive for students on a limited budget.


Who to contact for further information

Dr Emily Heath (Study Abroad Co-ordinator)

Tel: 01524-594309