LibQual Survey 2015 - student and staff feedback

We always welcome user feedback and respond to it as part of our annual action planning.  The LibQUAL+ survey, carried out in May 2015, is one of the most important tools in our quality improvement programme as it provides us with feedback from the whole academic community and allows us to measure our progress against other university libraries.

1)   Feedback addressed by Library Refurbishment

Nearly 50% of the comments received in response to the survey related to issues which will be resolved with the Library refurbishment, due to be completed in January 2016.  In some cases improvements will be visible ahead of formal completion date as areas of the refurbished Library are gradually released in the final months of 2015. These are some of the things you asked for, which we will deliver:

Study space

  • Lots more work spaces – 1,200 seats in all
  • Different types of work space – including  spaces for silent, quiet, and group study – with better acoustic separation and some bookable rooms
  • Different types of seating – from traditional study desks to furniture for relaxed reading
  • Dedicated postgraduate area with access control


  • More computers
  • Power and data sockets throughout the Library building
  • Excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout

Better environment and navigation

  • Better air quality and temperature control
  • Better toilets and improved hand washing facilities
  • Better signage, more intuitive navigation and increased use of interactive technology

2)   Feedback to be addressed in other ways

Other comments covered several different aspects of the Library service:

You said

Our response

Information resources


You asked for more information resources, both print and electronic.

  • We will review and consider for purchase all the titles named in your feedback.
  • We will continue to work with academic departments to identify potential resource needs as early as possible.
  • We will promote the use of Resource Lists to identify resource needs.
  • We will relaunch our book recommendation form.

You asked for more print and electronic copies of core texts

  • We will look at e-book turn-aways and buy additional e-book licences wherever they are available. 
  • We will look at issue and request data to identify titles where additional print copies or e-book alternatives are needed.
  • We will introduce a digitisation service and provide digitised articles and chapters of core texts where licences permit.



You said you had some problems with OneSearch

  • We will introduce an improved authentication system in 2015-2016 which will give a better user experience when you use OneSearch from off-campus.
  • We will provide better guidance on OneSearch for functions you have told us are problematic.
  • We will work with the system vendor to create a means to report broken links.

Study areas


You said the Library is often too noisy


  • Noise will be more contained in the refurbished Library, which will have more than 30 enclosed group study rooms, more than a hundred carrels and semi-enclosed study spaces, and a dedicated postgraduate study area.
  • We will review and improve guidance and monitoring of behavioural expectations in different parts of the Library.  Additional patrols and other measures will be introduced for exam periods.

You said you want the Library to combat “towels-on deckchairs” behaviour, ie students hogging popular study desks and spaces at computers.

  • We will review and improve guidance and monitoring of “towels-on-deckchairs” behaviour.  Additional patrols and other measures will be introduced for exam periods.
  • We will show PC availability on our interactive screen and via other media
  • We will explore the feasibility of providing information on the availability of individual study spaces.
  • We will review the number of “short stay” PCs available in the Library

Food and drink


You said that you would like better refreshment facilities in the Library

  • The refurbished Library will have water fountains on each floor plus vending machines for snacks and both hot and cold drinks
  • We will explore the feasibility of creating a dedicated “Snack Space” with additional refreshment facilities.


Pro-VC Mandy Chetwynd presents a Kindle Paperwhite to one of this year's lucky prize-winners.