Hardy Schwamm

Research and Scholarly Communications Manager

Data Management Administration Online (DMAOnline)
Khokhar, M., Schwamm, H., Krug, J., Albin-clark, A. 21/03/2017 In: Procedia Computer Science. 106, p. 291-298. 8 p.
Journal article

Research Data Management as a “wicked problem”
Awre, C., Baxter, J., Clifford, B., Colclough, J., Cox, A., Dods, N., Drummond, P., Fox, Y., Gill, M., Gregory, K., Gurney, A., Harland, J., Khokhar, M., Lowe, D., O'Beirne, R., Proudfoot, R., Schwamm, H., Smith, A., Verbaan, E., Waller, L., Williamson, L., Wolf, M., Zawadzki, M. 28/05/2015 In: Library Review. 64, 4-5, p. 356-371. 16 p.
Journal article

Marketing Orientation of national libraries
Schwamm, H., Stephens, D., Cleeve, M. 12/2009 In: Libri. 59, 4, p. 259-274. 16 p.
Journal article