Lancaster Data Conversations

When is the next Lancaster Data Conversations event?

The fourth Data Conversations will be on 11 January 2018! Registrations are open!


Open Data - Open Doors, 11 January 2018, 1.30-4pm

Does making research data available open doors to higher visibility, further collaboration and more research opportunities?

Come and share your data stories around sharing and using open data with us - what works, what doesn't work.

Register for  Data Conversations here.

Can I present my data use case?

Yes! We want to hear from researchers and practitioners from different disciplines. In a short presentation (10 minutes) tell us about:

  • What kinds of data are you making available openly?
  • How do you use open data?
  • Does open data help with research collaborations?
  • What does open data mean in your domain?
  • What are the stumbling blocks sharing or using open data?

If you want to present just use the registration link and let us know.


What are Data Conversations?

Data Conversations are 2-hour events where current Research Data Management issues are being discussed. There will be a mixture of short talks and panel discussions.

We will summarise discussions on our Research Support blog. We are also interested in guest blogs. Get in touch if you are interested in writing a post.

Who should attend Data Conversations?

The Data Conversations bring together researchers, research support staff and data management experts from all subject areas. Experienced researchers are welcome as well as PhD students.

Why Data Conversations?

Research Data is at the heart of the research process. Funders and UK Universities have recognised this in the recently launched Concordat on Open Research Data. But what does that mean for you as a researcher?

The Lancaster Data Conversations aim to bring data practitioners together to talk about how researchers create, collect, use and share data.

Views on RDM will vary across disciplines and research methods. Managing sensitive interviews differs from working with large datasets generated by sensors. We want to provide a platform to discuss on how you approach data management and what challenges you face.

"The benefits from opening up research data for scrutiny and reuse are potentially very significant; including economic growth, increased resource efficiency, securing public support for research funding and increasing public trust in research." (Concordat on Open Research Data, July 2016)

Please use hashtag #ludatacon for Data Conversations on Twitter.

Past Data Conversations

Our first event was on 30 January 2017 on Sharing Data, the second event on 4 May 2017, and the third on 3 October 2017. We have blogged about the sessions here. All slides are available on the blog.

Data Interviews

When we started Data Conversations we realised how many interesting views and stories researchers had to tell. In order to make them available to a wider audience we started the series Data Interviews on our blog. Please get in touch if you'd like to feature in the series.