RDM - What do I need to do?

1. At grant application stage - write a Data Management Plan

See below why you need a Data Management Plan (DMP) and how you can get support in writing a DMP. Please also consult our extensive guidance on DMPs. For any questions please email rdm@lancaster.ac.uk.

2. During the lifetime of your project: Keep your data safe and secure

Following your Data Management Plan keep your data safe and secure while you collect and analyse your working (active) research data. See below some important recommendations on how that works.

3. When submitting a publication: Preserve data and add a Data Access Statement

Researchers are required to preserve valuable research data and add a Data Access Statement to research publications describing where supporting data can be found. See below how this works and what support you can get. Please note that funders and the University monitor if research publications include Data Access Statements so this is a crucial step if you want to be compliant with funder and data policy requirements!

4. To whom does the Lancaster University Research Policy apply?

See below who is required to comply with our Lancaster University Research Data Policy (.doc).