What does your funder expect?

Data management is a key element of the research process. This is why your funder expects you to think about data management very early in your research planning stage.

Planning is essential

Most major research funders now require some form of documentation at the application stage, to explain how the applicant plans to manage any research data they will create. The extent and detail of these policies can vary.

Some funders prefer this information to be included within the main application while others ask for a separate Data Management Plan (DMP), Technical Plan or similar document.

Data expectations of Research Councils (RCUK)

If you are funded by RCUK, in line with policy on Open Access to publications, you are required to include a statement in your published paper on how and on what terms any underlying data can be accessed by third parties (Data Access Statement). If there are considered to be good or compelling reasons to protect access to the data, these should be included in the statement.

Please select your Funding Council below to see the relevant data expectations and get further links for help and guidance.

What does Lancaster University expect?

The University expects that "each project will have a data management plan that is produced at funding application stage or at the beginning of the project". (Research Data Management Policy (doc), February 2013). This means that:

  • If you write a Data Management Plan for your Funding Body you do not need to write a separate DMP for the University.
  • If your funding body does not require a Data Management Plan or you are self-funded you are required to produce a Data Management Plan. You can use the DMPonline tool to get a template and guidance or download the Lancaster DMP template as a Word file. Please consult our Data Management Plan guidance.
  • You are expected to preserve valuable research data in a trustworthy repository for at least 10 years. As a minimum, this is the data that directly underpins a research paper or the arguments you make.
  • You can deposit your data with Lancaster University if you wish. Please follow this quick guide and your data will become visible on our Research Directory..


Data expectations from other Funding Bodies

See below data expectations from other important funders. Please get in touch with rdm@lancaster.ac.uk if your funder is not listed or you have any other questions regarding Research Data Management requirements.