Resource Lists

Resource Lists has got a whole new look!

Leganto Resource Lists platform


We have updated Resource Lists, the online platform for accessing course reading and other resources, to provide an updated look and feel as well as a number of new features.

All resource lists from academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17 have been moved to the new platform where they can be accessed either via moodle course pages or directly from the Resource Lists page.


What are Resource Lists?

Resource Lists provide access to course reading, linking straight through to readings from ebooks and ejournals, providing real time information on the availability of books in the Library as well as linking to other online content including digitised readings, websites and video.

Resource Lists are added as an activity in Moodle courses, embedded alongside other course material to connect students to readings and resources within one or two clicks.

Highlight the importance of readings on Resource Lists to help students distinguish between must read articles for seminars and recommended background information for essays. You can also annotate references to help direct students or convey your passion for a particular text.


How do I access the new Resource Lists? 

The new version of Resource Lists can be accessed via Moodle.

  1. Enter a Moodle site where you have editing rights and turn editing on.
  2. Add a new activity and select Resource Lists (Standard).
  3. The new Resource Lists platform (Leganto) will open in a new browser tab.

Where a reading list has already been created for a module it can be viewed and edited by teaching staff. Where no list exists you will have the option to create one.

Resource Lists can also be accessed directly by logging in with your Lancaster University username and password here


How do I familiarise myself with the new Resource Lists? 

There is much about the new version that will be familiar but there are a number of new features. Over the coming weeks we’ll be developing support materials specific to using Resource Lists at Lancaster.

In the meantime, the following video playlist provides an overview of features on the new platform. Do get in touch with the Library via if you are planning on creating a new list and would like training. 



How do I update an existing Resource List?

Any changes that are now made on the old Resource Lists platform (Talis Aspire) will not be copied over to the new lists. If you want to edit a Resource List, please do so on the new platform. See the instructions above for how to access and edit an existing list via Moodle but please contact for support.  


My students need to access their Resource Lists over the summer, will this cause any disruption?

The old Resource Lists platform (Talis Aspire) is available until 31st August 2017. After that you will no longer have administrative access to Talis Aspire lists, and public lists created on that platform will no longer be accessible. 

If you are the convenor of a course that runs over the summer months please contact the Library via We can help to ensure that the links to Resource Lists in your Moodle site are up to date, guaranteeing seamless access for your students. 


When will lists be rolled over for the 2017-18 academic year? 

As in previous years we will roll over Resource Lists, copying lists from the preceding academic year in preparation for the next. The rollover of lists will coincide with the upgrade of Moodle sites on 9th August.


How do I get training on the new Resource Lists?

We’ll be developing a programme of training as part of the roll out of Resource Lists. If you are keen to get started or have an immediate need to start editing and using the new version please contact us via We are happy to provide individual/small group training and support.