Special collections house a variety of specialized archives from different sources.

Some of the archives have been developed through research activities within the University. Others reflect local interests.

Jack Hylton Archive

Jack Hylton Archive Feature Box

Jack Hylton was a bandleader and theatre impresario. The archive reflects his career spanning the 1920s to 1960s. It contains material relating to popular music from 1920-40s and theatre productions from 1940s to 1965.

2001 Foot and Mouth Archive

Foot and Mouth Archive Feature Box

Interviews and diaries obtained by the Institute of Health Research from respondents in North Cumbria during the Foot and Mouth epidemic in 2001.

1930’s British Cinema & Culture

Cinema and Culture in 1930's Britain Feature Box

Interviews and questionnaires from cinemagoers that were active during the 1930s.

Changing Faces Archive

Changing Faces Archive Feature Box

Research from 1970-2000 on adult literacy, numeracy, ESOL policy and resources.

Elizabeth Roberts Archive

picture of Royal Lancaster Infirmary

Social life in Barrow, Lancaster and Preston 1870-1970

Miscellaneous Archives

Miscellaneous Archives Feature Box

Some of the smaller archives