Miscellaneous Archives

Various smaller archives that have been donated to Lancaster University by individuals.

Lancashire Textile Project

The Lancashire Textile Project, which was funded by the Department of the Environment and based at Pendle Heritage Centre, Nelson, Lancashire, gathered base research material on the technology of the Lancashire Cotton Industry using a combination of sound recording and photography. A secondary objective was to record the social history of the workers and to establish the links between work experience and the life of the community. This was at a time when many of the old technologies, such as steam-driven weaving, were dying out.

The first phase of the project was concerned with Bancroft Shed, Barnoldswick, which at the time was derelict.  Before the mill closed the Lancashire Textile Project recorded the processes and environment of the mill. This provided a picture of the actual technology of the various processes and machines and also evidence of social links and impact on the local community.

This archive may be consulted by appointment only.

Stanley Lawrence Archive

This archive contains material about the history of Burton-in-Lonsdale and other villages on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border from the 1600s to the 1900s. Collected and created by Stanley Lawrence, a retired headmaster of Burton-in-Lonsdale Endowed School and a local historian, the archive includes correspondence, published material, Lawrence’s own work and notes, press clippings and maps and plans of Burton-in-Lonsdale and some of its properties.

Born in the mid-1920s, Lawrence became interested in the history of Burton-in-Lonsdale and the surrounding area in the late 1940s. He began collecting and creating the archive around 1965 and continued until the late 1980s, although there were only occasional additions to the collection after 1976.

A printed listing of the contents of this archive is available in Special Collections. This archive may be consulted by appointment only.

Austin Langshaw Archive

Hubert Austin, the Lancaster architect, married Fanny Langshaw (niece of the architect Edmund Sharpe) in 1870. This archive is on loan from one of his descendants, Dr Timothy Austin. The archive covers the family history of the Langshaw and Austin families including diaries, wills, letters, family trees, records of investments and various papers relating to Heversham House. There are drawings, plans and photos of local buildings designed by Austin and, career documents relating to HJ Austin, documents relating to EG Paley and 1851 plans of Lancaster. The archive also contains some letters, photos and documents relating to Sir Richard Owen and family.

Holdings of the Austin Langshaw Archive

This archive may be consulted by appointment only.