Streaming Media for Teaching

Find out how to make the most of Library streaming media resources in your teaching

Box of Broadcasts and Kanopy are two streaming media resources available to staff and students at Lancaster.

Log in with your Lancaster University username and password to access thousands of videos and TV and radio programmes. Content from both of these services can be used in-class or shared with your students online.

The use of these services is compliant with the University's Educational Licensing Agency licence. Find out more about copying for teaching  

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is is an on-demand TV and radio service for education.

The first time you access Box of Broadcasts you will be asked to Sign In and then choose your institution. Search for and choose Lancaster University from the list of available institutions. You will then be able to sign in to BoB in future with your Lancaster University username and password. Once you are signed in you will have access to a My BoB area to save clips and playlists. 

Creating clips in BoB

Want to share a short excerpt of a programme such as an interview or news feature? This video shows you how to create a clip and save it to your My BoB area. 


Creating Playlists in BoB

Want to create a playlist of videos around a particular theme? Playlists can contain clips or full programmes. This video shows you how to create a playlist and add programmes, or previously created clips from your My BoB area.   


Requesting recordings from BoB

Box of Broadcasts contains millions of hours of video, available to watch instantly. You may sometimes find a programme that isn't immediately available, but you can make a request and you will be informed when it is available to watch.

This video shows you how to request a programme, either from the BoB archive or a programme which hasn't yet been broadcast. Programmes on the major channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc are recorded automatically and do not need to be requested. 


Embedding BoB content in Moodle

Programmes, clips and playlists in BoB can be embedded in Moodle.


Download our step-by-step instructions: BoB - Linking to BoB content from Moodle


What if my the programme I want isn't available in BoB?

If the programme isn't available in BoB's database, we may still be able to request it for you from the BUFVC. Contact if you have any queries. 

I'd like a physical copy of a programme from BoB, such as a DVD

Contact Likewise, if you would like us to purchase a DVD that isn't a part of our BoB or Kanopy collections, please contact us.  


Further information about BoB

For more videos see the BUFVC website. Alternatively contact if you need any help using Box of Broadcasts. 


Kanopy is a video streaming platform offering a broad selection of documentaries, feature films and training videos from thousands of producers. 

  • Browse Kanopy videos by subject to find videos for your discipline: 

Kanopy videos by subject

  • You can create short clips from Kanopy videos and combine clips in a playlist.  

How to create playlists and clips

  • Find out how to link to Kanopy films, clips and playlists and embed Kanopy content in Moodle. 

How to share and embed films and playlists 


Further information about Kanopy

Further guidance can be found on the Kanopy Help Centre. Alternatively contact if you need any help using Kanopy. 

Other streaming video resources for teaching

Planet eStream is a system for user generated video and video assignments which links directly into Moodle.

A series of videos on how to make use of various features of Planet eStream can be found here. 

Features of Planet eStream

For help and support with Planet eStream please contact