Fines and charges

Information on fines and charges. 

Fines are charged on the late return of:

  • recalled books or other items which have been requested by someone else
  • High Demand books and DVDs (24-hour or 3-hour loan)
  • laptops
CategoryFine Per ItemMaximum
Recalled items £2.00 per day from the new recalled due date or from the date of the recall if the book is overdue £10.00
3 hour loan £1.00 per hour or part hour £20.00
24 hour loan £1.00 per hour or part hour £20.00
Laptops £1.00 per hour or part hour £20.00

If your fines total £10 or more you will not be able to borrow. 

Appealing against a fine or other charges 

If you believe you have been fined unfairly or if you wish to discuss circumstances which you feel should mitigate a fine or charge, please ask at the Information Point to speak to a senior member of staff as soon as possible, or phone +44 (0) 1524 592516 or email

Please see also the Policy on Fines and Appeals for information on the formal appeals procedure.